Art in Earth:

creating sculpture inspired by the earth

Vesper Atelier is a workshop where aspiring artists refine their vision and gain an understanding of how sculpture relates to the earth. Explore sculpture and public art at whatever intensity or commitment level you wish:

Community Classes  (1-3 sessions) Learn basic sculpture skills and how to transform a concept into art in a supportive and fun environment

Group Workshops  are customized one-day classes for you and a group of up to 6 friends, facilitated by a professional sculptor.

Atelier Program provides outcome-based education for the aspiring public artist. As a graduate of this diploma program in ecological sculpture, you will possess a valuable perspective on creating public art as well as the ability to win public and private commissions.


Fall Community Classes registration opens August 19!


Two tracks offer you the options of concentrating either on pouring bronze or on carving bronze. The Pouring Bronze class will be on Mondays 10am-4pm or 6-9pm (excluding Labor Day) with additional studio time Fridays and will culminate in a bronze pour open to the public on Monday, September 26. The Carving Bronze class will be on Mondays, 6-9pm with additional studio time on Fridays. Participants in this track must attend two sessions of the three offered beginning September 12. Both classes end with a gallery show (opening reception on Friday, October 7, 6-9pm).


Our regular community classes begin in October and run through December.  Four new classes have been added to the schedule:  Rosa Mystica (four-hour class taught by Greg Kraft) in which you create a rose from steel; Rose Bouquet (full day class by Greg Kraft) in which you can create a bouquet of three roses; Advanced Sculpture with Judd Nelson (8 sessions with discussion, demonstration and open studio time for advanced students using MIG welding); and Landscape Drawing with Pastel (taught by Stephanie Molstre-Kotz).

Our class pricing structure has been revised to provide you with excellent value per dollar while ensuring our classes are sustainable. Prices are listed on the Classes page. We provide a $15 discount for donors of $50 or more and corporate sponsors,  and a $10 discount for those age 55 or over on each class purchased.  


Vesper Atelier does not turn anyone away from participating in community classes due to economic hardship.  If you are experiencing such a challenge, please contact the administrative office to arrange for a confidential  "pay what you can" registration.