Art in Earth.


Community Classes  Transform a concept into art

Weekend Workshop  Studio time with a professor

Atelier Program Become a Public Artist

Vesper Atelier is an educational workshop for artists to refine their vision and understand sculpture as it relates to art and earth.

If you are someone who has an inkling to create art, we offer community classes.  If you are someone who is inspired to become a working Public Artist, Vesper Atelier provides an outcome based education to win both public and private commissions.

Vesper’s Focus:  Art in Earth

Vesper’s Mission:  Upholding Our Cultural Connection To The Earth

Vesper is a notable non profit 501(c)3

Susan Hanna-Bibus

Susan Hanna-Bibus

Vesper Atelier celebrated its 10 year anniversary in March 2016.

After 10 years of community "art in earth” training and delivery, Vesper Atelier is pleased to announce the hiring of Susan Hanna-Bibus as its new Executive Director.  

Susan has been the Co-Director at the Hopkin’s Center for the Arts, where she worked for 15 years and is a vital community liaison to the arts.  

She will be replacing Dan Noyes as Executive Director.  Dan is the founder of Vesper Atelier (2006) and continues as the Dean and Lead Sculptor at Vesper Atelier.  

Vesper is an educational art center focusing on Art in Earth through community classes and public art commissions. We are 10 years old!Vesper trains artists on how to win public commissions of all sizes. We also offer a variety of 4 hour sculpting classes for the broader community. Vesper is developing a bourgeoning Autism program in conjunction with Edison High School and are located in the historic Casket Arts Building in the heart of the NE Minneapolis Arts district. We are ground zero for the nation’s largest art festival, Art-a-Whirl.  Contact Molly Barrett, Board Chair for more info:  651-245-3288